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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

India welcomes Nubia Z17 Mini

Credits: Nubia

Nubia launched its latest mid ranger photography focused Android phone in India this week and we couldn't be more excited to get our hands on it to test it.
The Thing which makes this phone great for Photography is the dual camera it packs.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Learn This New Language for Android Developer!!
Google launched new android Programming language "Kotlin". Recently, Google announced about officially launching for Kotlin to write an android application at Google I/O 2017 developer conference. Kotlin programming language developed by JetBrains and was first released in 2012, but now it is officially supported  as "first class" language . Developers can use this new programming language in Android Studio 3.0, Earlier developers had to use Kotlin plugins in java programs but now they can take full advantage of Kotlin. 

Kotlin is an open source programming language under Apache 2.0 license, as now the language get full support of Google and JetBrains company collaborating with Google to establish independent non-profit organization for future development. As earlier Google has never added a programming language. Google made it very clear that Kotlin was not only a replacement for the existing Java and C++ languages used in Android development but also an additional language.

Last Year on  May 26th, Oracle sued Google for illegally using Java code to rush to the market with Android but the search giant said its use of Java API’s in the source was under “fair use”. Oracle again visited court, hinder its case for leading the jury to make wrong decision. Later, Google announced that they will drop the support for Java API's and will use only OpenJDK. And, here we are, Google nailed it. Kotlin might get the push by Google forward as it is young and open source language.
So, if you are an android developer then upgrade your skills or want to be an android developer, you should learn this open source language. 

Monday, 20 March 2017

Behold! It's the Xiaomi Redmi 4A - Probably the best ultra budget phone

source : GSMArena
On March 20th,2017 Xiaomi India launched their ultimate budget phone, Redmi 4A. Though already released in its home country china it surely was highly anticipated amongst Indian users. For a price of Rs. 5999/-

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Charge Your Phone By Sucking Power From Your Friends Phone Wirelessly!!!!!

We have all encountered that phase in our life where we wish we can charge our phone by sucking like a vampire on our friends phone. Well now thanks to Sony we can actually do that. Yes you read right. You can wirelessly suck power from your friend’s phone when yours is low. The company wants you to be able to steal power from your friend’s phone without having to connect a single cable.

Monday, 6 March 2017

iPhones New Battery That Will Never Run Out Of Battery!!!!!!


Once again MIT is on the verge of creating a revolution. Some researcher from MIT have created a technology through which we don’t need to charge our phone again, EVER!!!. It’s amazing how far we have come into the future. These researchers have figure out a way to convert the mechanical energy that we create while walking, into electrical energy that can be used to charge electronic devices. So in a nutshell, we will soon have phone that will never run out of battery. There is a company called Nikola lab that have also created a battery which charges on wireless signal.

Hello! All the exoplanets out there!

Source :- NASA
NASA has discovered seven planets with sizes similar to that of Earths' which are estimated to be 39 light years away, this has awakened the best instincts of earthling eager to welcome these newly found planets into our planetary pantheon. Planets such like these have always been of much interest because it enables the scientists for the infinite possibilities of life.

Thank you!

Thank you!